The potential of cancer genomics - WIRED 2013

The potential of cancer genomics – WIRED 2013

I had the privilege of speaking at the WIRED 2013 conference in London. This is an annual two-day event celebrating the ‘ideas, innovations and people reshaping our world’. A range of diverse people each speak for 15 minutes. I found it inspiring to hear so many talented and passionate people from outside my normal sphere. It was also both challenging and refreshing to think about how to communicate about genomics to a different audience and in a different environment to the typical scientific conference!.

Despite the breadth of different topics presented some common themes emerged, such as the potential and challenges of harnessing big data. All the talks are now available on YouTube and I’d strongly recommend browsing – I’m sure you’ll find something that will capture your interest.

I was talking about the huge potential of information in our genes to help in cancer treatment and prevention. I hope I was able to communicate the scale of progress and potential as well as the enormity of the task of making sense of the 3 billion letters in the DNA code held in our cells. If you would like to hear it, my talk is available on YouTube here.